Movie posters.

After working on a Film Festival for my Integrated Communications class project, I find film posters more charming than ever (I guess I appreciate the art of it more).

***I'll be uploading my poster later in january---I forgot to keep all my files on my laptop and left my cds back home, a.k.a. in my U.S. room***



I just got back home last week and still jet-lagged like crazy...
The flight was long and tiring but I finally made it back. I have a list of things I intend to learn/do while I'm on my break, first one crossed out is: learn to make pom poms! I made four already. I also wish I can learn French during my stay, learn how to make truffles, pizza and knit...Sounds like a long list but there's nothing wrong with hoping...


5 Minute break.

It's been really busy here lately, finals week and all...I try to calm myself by thinking of the things i'll be able to do after all this is over...having a life most importantly!


Darn it.

I cut my finger this morning with my X-Acto knife. It's pretty deep AND still bleeding, I'm drained. No j.k. (but it hurtssss)



I'm currently working on a 30-something page book for experimental typography class and my topic is about the dreams that I get...this one was a nightmare...
***Since S.F. is known for it's nightmarish earthquakes...I think my darkest fears have found their match***

Chain Theif.

Last night while my brother and I were enjoying a walk at night, we found this on one of the poles...



Happy Eid and Happy Thanksgiving.

***Hope you get to spend these special times with your family and loved ones.***

I heart big dogs and babies.

Couldn't help but post this cuteness.


Never give up.

“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow.”

I learned that life does give second chances, after you give yourself one.

Fishy smell.

For last semester's type class book cover, I had to improvise my own "hypothetical" wilderness fish cooking...so I grabbed a piece of salmon, got a huge rock from outside, a bunch of leaves and Taa Daa...

One problem though, I felt bad throwing the fish after that, so I cleaned it, put it in the oven, gulped it down an hour later and ughhh, got sick for a couple of days.

Lesson learned!


Happiness only real when shared.

You never know your blessings until you lose them.

***I miss my family it hurts***



She gives me the creeps. She even shows up in my dreams.

***And she shall remain anonymous***


I've been wondering.

***Why is it that some people
enjoy feeding off other people's failures and disappointments?***

(I'm not sure I'd like to know the answer)

If I tried really hard.

Can you make someone magically appear? 


When I woke up this morning.

I'm really upset. I need a hug.



Last night I couldn't sleep from our neighbors...ughhhh I need peace please.


A week from now.

A week from today is my midpoint thesis proposal presentation. When I think too much about it I feel funny in my stomach. I believe that I can do it first time around, to me, failure is not an option.


Pixie art.

I just came back from class and couldn't wait to upload these...


I'm in love with the weather, forget summer for now.

P.S. You'll be seeing more of my weird illustrations soon. I'm working on a really cool project for school and I'll be posting it as soon as it's done.


Fav. quote for the day.

"Be yourself, who decides what normal is anyhoo?"

***Super Girl***

No way through.

Watching this, honestly leaves me speechless.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Film Competition Winner: No Way Through from Ctrl.Alt.Shift on Vimeo.


Where trouble melts like lemon drops.


I'm sitting on my desk working on finalizing my thesis proposal when I discovered this reflection. Too bad I found out when the year is almost over. But looking back, was it a "good" year? hmm...


Try saying doodle 7 times.

Ghost portrait.

Naturally I never believed in ghosts, maybe in spirits (and no they're not the same), but as a kid I was always freaked out from ghost stories, and those photos just give me the creeps. Just in time for halloween.