Children's illustration.

I've been busy with a few projects, and this is one of them (my favorite).
I'll talk more about it in another post (it's almost out).


Hello Blog, with capital "B".

Life has been good lately, no butterfly pooping and rainbows though.

News? I'm working on a super (awesome), kick-ass, idon'thaveenoughwordstodescribeit kind of project (well two actually)... and one of them is a personal project of mine that I've been working on hours-on-end. It does get tiring, but I'm so excited to get it out in the public that I'm kicking my own butt to get it out.

I will be posting about it sometime (soon), it should be out by the end of Ramadan if all goes smoothly and if I don't get sick/hit by a bus/beaten up (God forbid).

I've also come across some really good music (how would I even go on without music in life, oh music, I love you so, muah)... might be my meds talking right now (or not).

Anyway, here's a doodle I made that was inspired by Daughter's song Smother (beautiful, beautiful lyrics by the way).