Family Tree.

To all my friends, and readers who celebrate Christmas, 
hope you have a very Merry Christmas, with your loved ones!

And, if you ever wondered where Santa came from, then check this out...

***Tree by Jeffrey Vallance ***



My new blog obsession...Illustration heaven.

Check it out here.


I want to be there.

Rain and fog are taking over...Wish I can escape for a tiny bit...


Portrait of bored.

When you shove your head in the scanner...

You're bored.


Ahmed and the Ring.

It's finals week and finally, I'm *almost* done with all my classes...

This is my book arts final project, 
I feel proud that I finally know how to bind books and make decent boxes!



For printmaking, we got to experience lithography, and created this collaborative work, 
(mine is the bird in the suit, on the right corner).

***I know the person who drew the man on the bottom left didn't intend this, 
but his character totally reminds me of Jim Morrison, from the doors.***


Bad news.

I found this article in yesterday's local newspaper...

The bad news? The school they allegedly found the carcass in, is right next to where I live, which means that yes, we do have many lovely deers running around, but that also means we have mountain lions on the loose. That really creeps me out, especially that we have a forest / mountain / untouched piece of land, behind our house, where many mountain lions could be waiting for the *perfect* opportunity to attack me, my brother, or my neighbors in fact. Yikes


Something to lift your spirit...

Happy Friday!

(P.S. I think there must be a reason Friday, rhymes with YAY!)

***Illustration created by Omar Noory***


How I spent my Wednesday.

Printing twenty 2-color linocut prints for my final book, 
that's forty times going back and forth from the inking 
table to the press...ow feet!

I'm outta here.


Be still my heart.

One of a kind paper cutouts I did last night.

You can purchase them from my etsy store here and here.

Happy Thursday 
(the weekend is just right around the corner!)