Here's a tune to relax to, VCR by the xx.

P.S. If you loved this tune, you should definitely check out the rest of their album, and if you can spare $1.99, you can buy their whole mp3 album here, even better, gift it to someone you think might appreciate their music, what's better than sharing good music with loved ones!

Have a great Sunday night / Monday morning



I'll let you in on a secret.

Life is Still Good Etsy store is having a little Black Friday Sale,

Use the code below (Black15) and get 15 percent off entire order, 
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Pissed off.

Being bilingual can be such a blessing...

You get to express yourself in two languages!


Winter Song.

Two of my favorite singers, Ingrid Michaelson,
and Sara Bareilles, singing about my favorite season. 

How much better can it get?

Happy Monday!

***P.S. Aren't those characters super cute or what?***

Boys aren't stupid, but this game is awesome.

This game has never failed to entertain me on super boring, long days...

Click here to throw rocks!


Mister Fatso dear.

Meet the cast of the new illustrated story I'll be working on for my final project 
(Eek I can't believe this semester is almost over!!)

Meet Mister Ahmed, and his proposal ring

Mister Laser eyes, and Mister Fatso 

Mister elongated arms

Mister Too Tall

And the pretty Selma

The story revolves around a young man, Ahmed, 
who goes through many obstacles, on his way to
 finding a diamond ring, to propose to the love 
of his life, Selma.

Look out for the happy ending (I think it's already too obvious!)


My view.

This is what I saw when I last looked out my window...

***My brother said we should go to where the rainbow was, 
we might find a gold pot waiting to be found!***


Hope lives.

"Hope is the feeling that the 
feeling you have isn't permanent"

***Quote by: Jean Kerr, American author.***


Goodness celebrated.

Happy Tuesday and Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim
brothers and sisters!



My favorite part in the movie, Amelie.

***Lovely music by: Yann Tiersen***


A Seussilious tale.

The mischievous cat is back! 

An altered ending to the classic Dr. Seuss tale, 
The Cat in the Hat.

Ripple effect.

"Gaiety is often the reckless ripple over depths of despair".
Edwin Hubbel Chapin, American preacher


The Take Away Show.

The Take Away Shows are video podcasts by la Blogotheque, where bands/artists are asked to perform in the street, bar, park or even stairs. The video's aren't edited which makes them spontaneous and more beautiful. 
I want to share this beautiful piece by Beirut, Nantes, shot in the streets of Paris.

***Loving the trash can drums!!***


For those of you aren't familiar with who I am. 
Here's a brief intro to who Lama, aka Lema is.

Place of Birth: United Arab Emirates
Raised in: Jordan
Country of Origin: Palestine 
Current City of Residence: San Francisco
Favorite Season: Winter
Loves: Paper 
Hates: Liars
Religion: Islam

So here's why I'm telling you all this...

Since moving to the U.S. I have felt a lot of questioning, 
confusion and misunderstanding from some people, first 
was because I was raised in the Middle East, and second 
was because, to some, I belonged to a so-called terrorist 
religion, aka Islam.

This made me feel uncomfortable and at unease. 
So, instead of smiling and nodding, I'm doing something about it...

I'm currently working on my MFA thesis project, and it's 
an educational program, targeting the younger generation.

I'm working with a beautiful team of artists I hand-picked myself.

They, and the final project will be revealed later in May, 2011.

The title of my project is: 

Amal, A Muslim Tale of Hope.
(Amal is translation for Hope, and it's also my name, 
Lama, written backwards)

***Calligraphy done by my friend Wael Omari***



I've been contemplating a lot lately, mostly about where the world is at, 
and the way people have become.

It's depressing to see how materialism, consumption, and selfishness is 
taking over humanity, most people don't seem to care anymore.

Two incidents that have enforced this concern on me this week, first 
was arriving at the train station, delayed trains and upset faces, turns out 
a man had jumped in front of a train, passing immediately. No one seemed 
to be affected by this unfortunate setback, but instead huffing and 
puffing for their delayed plans.

The second happened today while I was on the school bus, a girl was 
describing her anger and frustration over the fact that, her wealthy 
grandfather - who she described as being in his late nineties / in perfect 
health - being still alive!!! She said it not once, not twice, but over five 
times, how much she wished her grandfather would pass, so that she can 
inherit "part" of his fortune, which she said can come around a billion dollars. 

I felt nauseous.

I can't describe how disgusted and repulsed I am from this girl.
She is an animal, worse, animals have feelings, she doesn't.

I know there's a lot of goodness in this world still, and this post might 
sound too pessimistic, but I feel sad for what some people have become.

This is a mourning of humanity.

Quote translation: Do not blame the times, for it is beautiful, your greed is what corrupted it.

Quote by Unknown


You and me.

A sweet song to end / start your day with, wherever in the world you are.

I hope you're having a good one!