For those of you aren't familiar with who I am. 
Here's a brief intro to who Lama, aka Lema is.

Place of Birth: United Arab Emirates
Raised in: Jordan
Country of Origin: Palestine 
Current City of Residence: San Francisco
Favorite Season: Winter
Loves: Paper 
Hates: Liars
Religion: Islam

So here's why I'm telling you all this...

Since moving to the U.S. I have felt a lot of questioning, 
confusion and misunderstanding from some people, first 
was because I was raised in the Middle East, and second 
was because, to some, I belonged to a so-called terrorist 
religion, aka Islam.

This made me feel uncomfortable and at unease. 
So, instead of smiling and nodding, I'm doing something about it...

I'm currently working on my MFA thesis project, and it's 
an educational program, targeting the younger generation.

I'm working with a beautiful team of artists I hand-picked myself.

They, and the final project will be revealed later in May, 2011.

The title of my project is: 

Amal, A Muslim Tale of Hope.
(Amal is translation for Hope, and it's also my name, 
Lama, written backwards)

***Calligraphy done by my friend Wael Omari***


Diana Habashneh said...

this seems very interesting Lama, i like a project with a personal theme in it, enshallah you'll do great and can't wait to see it

Lama said...

Thanks Diana :)

yeah I'm kicking my butt so hard to have it done by then ---fingers crossed---