The Swell fellow has finally arrived.

Finally! I've been wanting to photo shoot this for so long I just got it done this morning. I still have to upload pages from my catalog though.

*Brief on project: This project was about creating a hypothetical film festival for our chosen director, I chose Mr. Frank Capra, a 1930s-1940s film director, most famous for his Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful life. For the festival we created the branding: Logo, Stationary, Color Palette, Photography/Illustration style, Language and typefaces. Then the event tickets, movie poster, catalog, schedule, I also did a trailer (extra points!) and other items (the list goes on to 16 items total) AND all those had to be prototyped and fit in a single box, container, whatever related to the director and his style, and supposedly should be a limited run, so not any container would do the trick. phew!

***That big black wooden box was a real pain to paint, I had originally bought it from a thrift store, peeled off the layers and layers of paper and glue, scrubbed, dried, painted it then glued in the graphic lining...I grew muscle after that!***

***All Illustrations used are borrowed from the J.C.Leyendecker book***


Thesis timeline.

I'm pushing to graduate by December, my thesis topic is still in it's fetus phase, I'm picking names for my lets call it "baby".

*A brief on my thesis topic: It will basically be an educational campaign, teaching little girls residing in the United States on the people of Islam, women in specific, not necessarily Arab; to try and eliminate negative stereotypes and judgements for the future.

Here's a map of the stages of development for this baby.

Alcatraz prison.

I visited Alcatraz last winter, For some reason I feel like going there every time it rains, although it's usually freezing out there when it is, even when it isn't!

***The view from the Island is breathtaking***

Also it's kinda funny that they had pink walls in prison!! Totally original!


A pleasant surprise.

I found this little guy accidently in one of my old notebooks.


The one I love.

Happy Valentines.

To whomever reads this, I hope you get to spend this day and every day showing the people you love how much you care and love them, and be loved by them.Happy Valentines day


What if...Altoids Ice cream?

For my packaging class, our first project is designing any brand of our choice from scratch, new logo, color palette and look and feel. I'm working on Altoids ice cream and these are the three flavors they would have (if it really did exist)...Cinnamon flavored ice cream
Peppermint flavored ice cream
And Liquorice flavored ice cream



Finally got this done...it's been in my closet since forever!***I think I'm going to do this more often***


Bunny love.

I've always had a soft spot for bunnies. These melt my heart with cuteness.

***Images found here***


The Circus.

I found this book at my local bookstore and had to purchase it, plus it was on clearance! 383 pages of beautiful illustrations and photography of the circus. Dreamy.

***This last photo cracks me up. Poor thing***

Mr. Blue.

This gives me flashbacks of my childhood piano lessons, I wish it involved balloons though.


My cup of coffee.

Last weekend my brother and I went out for dinner. This was the sweetest part.***It even tasted better than what it looks***


My book of dreams.

This project was lots of fun to work on. My main topic was decoding my dreams over a period of two weeks. I decided that I wanted to do my own illustrations and I was so glad when my instructor opened up to that and encouraged me. All I needed was a bunch of sharpie markers and paper. --click to enlarge--