Hello sunshine.

Sometimes I feel oldies songs sound so much better...


Hi, It's me.

I've been really busy lately, lots of things going on inside my head, and sometimes I'm too lazy to write them down and end up getting lost and confused.



This is exactly how Im feeling on the inside

There was a bomb threat on the train and my life flashed infront of me. Never taking the train again. Ever.


Oil, Vinegar and Salt Packaging.

Packaging is one of the most fun to work on, I completely lose track of time while I'm on it. For pack class we had to choose a brand, give it a facelift, and create a series of oils, balsamic vinegar and salts.


My name is UP.

I'm so excited to announce that (drum roll):

I now "officially" have my own website. You are welcome to visit anytime you like (on your own leisure), click here, or type in :


P.S. If anyone has any comments whatsoever to improve on it, or just say how fabulous it is (kidding), please no hesitations :)