ummm...yah, what?!

I was image browsing for one of my school projects this morning and came across the most unusual, random ad for laser hair removal... I think pasting a man's head to a woman's body can be disturbing on so many levels...That is not advertising.

Are you effin kidding me?


Art Direction Posters

I'm currently taking a summer class with Roland Young at the Academy of Art University and I'm glad I signed up for it. I'm learning to look at ads from a different perspective where my ideas are becoming more conceptual rather than just decorative or something that only "looks good" without having a hard core base for it. We're assigned to create an ad for any product we choose. I chose Diamond matches and Dubble Bubble...


More secrets...

I still can't get over these lovely postcards, some of them are really innocent and cute, and some are kinda creepy...but they're supposed to be secrets right?


Rain drops.

I was peeking out of the window when I saw the most beautiful sky, red, pink, purple, blue and grey shades in the sky...I had to get out and take some photos...You can see I'm still an amateur experimenting with my new SLR :)


Do you have a secret?

A book I stumbled upon while I was roaming stacks and stacks of books in my local library is Post Secret by Frank Warren. I had to take it home with me and go through the whole 275 pages of  wonderful art on postcards done by anonymous mail senders. Here are a bunch of my favs I had to scan and post :)  

You can check out his blog here.