Kalimat: Magazine Feature.

I'm ecstatic about Kalimat magazine's fall issue, where my thesis project is featured. 

"Kalimat Magazine is committed to rejuvenating Arabic culture by providing an outlet for political, cultural and social expression within the Arab region and its Diaspora. At the same time, it is a visual communication tool that serves to change Western perception of Arabs. The purpose is to be an open outlet for expression and to increase participation within the cultural/creative scene, therefore, the content is created by Arab people, the writers are Arab, the editor is Arab, the people featured are Arab."

Flip to page 109 to read my article.

*** Thank you so much Danah Abdulah ***


Amman Street Art Fair: Day 5.

Five days of awesomeness. Thank you SO much Art Medium for a wonderful experience. I had a blassssssst.


Amman Street Art Fair: Day 3.

If you're in Jordan, the Amman Street Art Fair is worth checking out, it's happening right now till Tuesday the 27th. 

Breezy weather, nice people, and awesome booths with art, apparel, food (fun stuff I promise). Bring your family and friends and come play!

(Don't forget to stop by my booth for a blast from the past Arabian photo booth experience)


Inni mneeh.

An excerpt from Mashrou' Leila's song Inni Mneeh

 *** P.S. Thanks a million Diana for the typeface, I'm so in love ***


Mcsweeny's are genius.

Hair dryer...CHECK
Book... NEED

أبو عنتر

A true macho by nature, with a heart tattoo on one arm and the word "باطل" on the other, it's no wonder nobody wants to mess with this guy.


Girl crush.

Happy Sunday!

Amman Street Art Fair.

I will be part of the Amman Street Art Fair this year. My watercolor pieces will be up for sale with some yum stuff. If you're in the city I'd love to see you.

Come to play!


To die yearning.

Translation: I would rather that I died in yearning and longing than that I live weary and despairing. I want the hunger for love and beauty to be in the depths of my spirit, for I have seen those who are satisfied the most wretched of people. I have heard the sign of those in yearning and longing, and it is sweeter than the sweetest melody.


غوار الطوشه

He's in love with a girl named Fatoom who doesn't share his passion back, wears an 2ob2aab, AND has a mustache, what's not to love in this guy?

***2ob2aab is Arabic for wooden clog***



Hummingbirds are they only birds that can fly forwards, backwards, up, down, sideways and hover in mid air. How cool is that?