Really? Muni?

I guess this is why Muni installed their new ticket system...



And some say pigeons resemble peace. pshhh.


I don't felt like my posts reflect the name of my blog lately. 
So here's a temporary name change. Until "this too shall pass".


Can't this maniac understand that enough blood and tears have been shed. 
The people can't stand you Gaddafi. Get that.

A man comforted his daugher before putting her on a ship to Tunisia

The protester, Anwar Elgadi, was killed by Libyan security forces.

A family member fainted during a funeral

A funeral in Tripoli on Saturday for a slain protester

***All images borrowed from The New York Times***



My heart goes to the people of Libya who are fighting for their cause and freedom. It is beyond belief and nightmarish what is happening right now. A "leader" as Gadaffi calls himself, should be the one to protect his people from harm, not sending mercenaries from other countries to kill them.

That is intolerable and beyond belief. Something the mind cannot register.

God bless the people of Libya and grant them patience. 

***All images borrowed from The NewYork Times***


My inspiration.

If you're not familiar with the artist behind Benjamin Bunny and Jemima Puddle duck, then meet the genius behind them; Ms. Beatrix Potter. Growing up to her tales and falling in love with her illustrations all over again as an adult, I truly have so much respect and admiration for this lady. 

Her life story is both heartbreaking and inspiring. If you haven't watched the movie played by Rene Zellweger as Beatrix, in Miss Potter, then I highly recommend you do so.



Back for a tiny moment.

Those past couple of weeks have been insane. I've had a thesis hiccup but am back on my feet (after a week of sleeplessness and nightmares).

Meanwhile, here's one Dave Matthews song I love (try to listen closely to the lyrics). And the coexist logo (which I wish more people would tolerate and go by).


Born Rufians where have you been all my life?

Hearing this tune got my pathetic butt off of my computer and on my bike.


Light and bright.

The weather is unusually warm and sunny here in S.F. 

Here are a bunch of bright photos I took a couple of weeks ago.


This sums up my childhood.

More than two decades later and this still cracks me up.

Can't say how much I love it...

Words  .  are  .  not  .  enough.

***Can't beat the butt dance***

Vinyl fetish.

A bunch of vinyl record art I lurv.

Smell like a man, man.

Disclaimer: Not really a post about smelling like a man.

So, school started this week, first official day was Tuesday with Mary (no pun intended) for portfolio class, which is the official final graphic design class before graduation. Uh I'm so looking forward to the Summer, that's when all the craziness ends. You hear me? 

***A photo I took during one of my camps at Borders, oh how I love that place.***