I've been wondering.

***Why is it that some people
enjoy feeding off other people's failures and disappointments?***

(I'm not sure I'd like to know the answer)

If I tried really hard.

Can you make someone magically appear? 


When I woke up this morning.

I'm really upset. I need a hug.



Last night I couldn't sleep from our neighbors...ughhhh I need peace please.


A week from now.

A week from today is my midpoint thesis proposal presentation. When I think too much about it I feel funny in my stomach. I believe that I can do it first time around, to me, failure is not an option.


Pixie art.

I just came back from class and couldn't wait to upload these...


I'm in love with the weather, forget summer for now.

P.S. You'll be seeing more of my weird illustrations soon. I'm working on a really cool project for school and I'll be posting it as soon as it's done.


Fav. quote for the day.

"Be yourself, who decides what normal is anyhoo?"

***Super Girl***

No way through.

Watching this, honestly leaves me speechless.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Film Competition Winner: No Way Through from Ctrl.Alt.Shift on Vimeo.


Where trouble melts like lemon drops.


I'm sitting on my desk working on finalizing my thesis proposal when I discovered this reflection. Too bad I found out when the year is almost over. But looking back, was it a "good" year? hmm...


Try saying doodle 7 times.

Ghost portrait.

Naturally I never believed in ghosts, maybe in spirits (and no they're not the same), but as a kid I was always freaked out from ghost stories, and those photos just give me the creeps. Just in time for halloween.


My own wisdom.

Don't feel too sorry for yourself, or you'll end up being sorry...

Too much school work, grad thesis included and freelancing, am I being too tough on myself?


Sleepless in San Francisco.

I can't sleep. It's almost 3:00am, and instead of finishing my type assignment *which is turning out really cool--I'll be posting it when I'm done* I'm scanning everything I set my eyes on. crazy? I'm not sure.


Funny Bunny.

I've always loved bunnys, infact I've always begged my parents to get me one as a kid but my attempts always seemed to fail.

***This chubby cheek is the cutest***
(Photo by Mikkel Elbech through Flickr.com)

WWI/WWII Posters.