Can't forget.

I can sit and stare at his art for hours.


Beautiful Petra.

I'm hoping to visit the rosy city this summer...


Can't sleep II.

It's 5:30am, I rarely stay up that late, and no I'm not making any use of my time...


9 Crimes.

***His songs always take me to huge wheat fields near the ocean***


The tower stands tall.

Total Circles cut: 36
Total 11x17 sheets used: 6
Total 8.5x11 sheets used: 5
Total Glue bottles used: 2

Total hours: {A lot}
Satisfaction: 100%
Relief: 100000000000%

Mission Accomplished!

An all night affair.

Packaging project due on tuesday and I'm stuck with a bunch of weird Altoids ice cream tubs.

***I might add that it's not that bad, I'm loving this***


Long summer days please come soon.

I miss long summer days spent on the beach. I miss the sun.

***Photo's via Flickr***