Souk Fann - Day One

If you're in town and haven't visited my booth yet, you got two more days...

See you there!


The Big Breakfast Show.

I'm going to be on The Big Breakfast Show with Lee McGrath at around 8, Wednesday the 27th. 

Tune in if you're in town (or you could do that through their online broadcast)

سوبر ماريو

He's probably every child who grew up in the 80's super hero. He's able to spit fire when he eats a flower, flies when he eats a feather, and carries empty turtle shells and throws them on evil mushrooms and travels from one place to another through green pipes.

If you're an 80's child, you can't miss not knowing who that is. Meet Mario.


Come by!

I'm going to be part of Souk Fann which starts this Friday.
I'll be displaying my paintings like this and this for sale.

If you're in town, pass by for some photo booth fun, or just to say Hi.


This morning.

I was invited by my dear friend Linda to talk to her kids in class at the American Community School. The kids were adorable, polite and eager to know more about how an artist / designer goes around.

I read them a couple of spreads from my Muslima storybooks and showed them a couple other projects of mine.

Thanks Miss A, for having me today!


Little Red Riding Hood... بالعربي

Her mother sends her to visit her sick grandmother who happens to live in the middle of the woods. She wears a red hood, and carries a basket full of yummies. She bumps into the Big Bad Wolf on her way, but magically stays alive (in some versions at least). Meet Little Red Riding Hood.


12 +

six + six = twelve (which is the number of times I've listened to this since this morning)

*Thanks BubbleGumBeast (X2 today)

Israeli Apartheid Week.

Last night I was at the rainbow theatre for the Israeli Apartheid Week which will be going on everyday till the 23rd of this month in Amman and Irbid.
I suggest every person with a heart to go. Last night's documentary was heart wrenching but essential to me. AND they have a bunch of goodies that you can purchase at the door in support of this event.
* Check out the schedule below...

***T-shirt & Poster design by "the" Nidal Alkhairy, my pic taken by BubbleGumBeast***


Vote vote vote.

Okay, so since I'll be participating at the Souk Fann event which starts on the 30th of March till the 1st of April, ArtMedium are holding a "win your booth competition" where each of the competitors will get a chance to get the money they paid to rent their booth back for the one who gets the most likes on their photo.

Now I know my chances on getting enough likes to win me the competition are nearly null, but just for the sake of it, I'm in it.

If you think my work is worth the like, click here to vote.

I would really appreciate it...


Souk Fann.

I'm going to be part of the Souq Fann from March 30th to April 1st. If you went to the Amman Street Art Fair last October and liked my photobooth, then I'll be having one again this time, if you weren't, do come and check it out.

My paintings will also be displayed for sale, like this one.

Come by and play dress-up, it'll be fun. Promise.


He fell madly in love with Leila, a girl from his same tribe. He wrote her poems describing his love and mentioning her name often. When he asked her hand in marriage her father refused making him go mad, thus the name Majnoon Leila. She later broke his heart by marrying another man. (Boo)

*This might probably be my most favorite painting so far, only because it was painted at Half Moon Bay public beach, my most favorite spot in Cali


Just cause.

Good to know.

I'm sure you've seen this poster and its many reproductions everywhere...

Well, if you don't know how it started, then watching this video would
be a good idea.



Working on this right now (will tell you more about it later), but for the meantime, I'll keep my fingers crossed it  gets approved.

Florence xx.

I think everything the XX touches turns into gold.
(True story).