This morning.

I was invited by my dear friend Linda to talk to her kids in class at the American Community School. The kids were adorable, polite and eager to know more about how an artist / designer goes around.

I read them a couple of spreads from my Muslima storybooks and showed them a couple other projects of mine.

Thanks Miss A, for having me today!


Anonymous said...

Kids rock! - and can be annoying sometimes :)

I think one of the reasons why demonstrating stuff to kids is such an extraordinary experience is the fact that you're most likely the first to show them that particular thing, so what you get is smiling faces and an excited audience, whereas with adults, "Booh! I've seen that before" or a plain old "Whatever" isn't an uncommon reaction.

Lama Khayyat said...

Kids are awesome (and annoying like you're saying).

They were so fascinated with what I was telling them I almost didn't want to stop talking...

I feel lucky to have gotten the chance to talk to them. (don't want to make it sound too dramatic) but yeah, seriously!