My good friend Odeh did this amazing painting of me.

When I saw it . I . was . speechless.

If you're as enthusiastic about his illustrative abilities as I am, then shoot Odeh an email at: odeh_13@yahoo.com and get your own personalized painting.


A little lift.

Been in a funk lately, but here's a happy tune...

Happy Friday people!


عدنان ولينا

They met after world war III sometime around 2008. He's always running around barefoot, and she's got a heart of gold. Meet Adnan wa Lina.


This painting (and this) can be purchased at PinkDust.


باتمان و روبن

An American millionaire who made an oath to fight criminals after witnessing the murder of both his parents as a child. And his faithful crime-fighting partner. Meet the Arab version of Batman and Robin.

This painting is currently for sale at the walls of PinkDust.

***This is for you Hajjo***


Happy new year + other news.

First of all I'd like to wish anyone reading this a happy new year, hope you get off to a good start, I on a personal level am very glad 2011 is over.

It has been really quiet here for the past 2 weeks or so, I've been sick (flu) / car broken down / busy (who isn't) / & spending A LOT of time with family (which was awesome).

Here's to better beginnings, Cheers!