Little brother.

Meet Mister Cotton Head's little "bro".

My new obsession.

I'm not a hardcore rock music fan, but I do listen to some every now and then
(I need to have my dose of Guns N' Roses on somedays)... But now can't
get enough of this:

It's sad that such a talent was lost so early...


Cousin Lenny.

If you haven't realized the family resemblance, this guy is related to these guys.


Where in the world is Osama bin hiding?

This is a clip from the documentary, Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden, filmed and directed by Morgan Spurlock, the same guy who directed Supersize me.

I believe everyone must watch this, no bias no nothing...it shows you what people on the streets (in the Middle East) think of all the mess that's been going around in the world, started by Osama.

P.S. I think it is such a pity that the name Osama has been berated. It is such a beautiful name, and my brother's name is Osama.


More etsy goods.

My dear readers, I have added more art to my shop. 

Go here to view.


Just practicing.


Taking pictures while we were out to dinner to sharpen-out my photography skills.


Names, more like titles.

Ever since moving to the U.S., almost three years now, people seem to always have a hard time
pronouncing my name...here's the list of names I get:


Love you more.

A tune to relax your senses...

I turn to Alexi Murdoch's music when I need to sit back and relax. 

It never fails me.

Card man.

Caught red-handed for painting the roses red.



The boy was very polite about it that he looked back at me, 
smiled, then turned back.


Market before the quake.

Who would believe that this, is the same Market Street down in San Francisco? It was taken a week before The Big quake in 1906.

(I know the video is super long, but just go through the first minute to get an idea).

And, here's what it looks like now...

Photos via Flickr

Dreaming of...

Burgers in class is a bad idea, it makes you even more hungry!


Who doesn't like free stuff?

If you loved Holmes as much as I did, they're offering 
more free downloads to 2 of their albums.

That's six more songs to add to you music library. 

To download go here and here.


Red velvet.

I submitted my Snow White book this afternoon, I hope I get a good grade,
I seriously worked my butt off...we'll see how that goes.

Now, all I want to do is sit back and relax. 

I need to make up for my lost weekend.


Happy as a clam.

I have just finished my Snow White symbol book...

Total work hours: 21 (ouch)

I'm tired. 

I think I'll slip into bed now.

Snow White in symbols.

Meet the cast of the classic Snow White story: In symbols.

I'm working on illustrating the whole story, no words at all.

It should be ready by tomorrow (fingers crossed).



Meet Scuba and Vinnie.

Those two showed up on my print unexpected... 

I could have sworn I had a blue whale sketched out!



Ladies and Gents...

I am happy to announce that now (Drum roll)...
I have my own (humble)  Etsy store.

The store has a number of postcards and posters on sale, worldwide shipping, and best part: Reasonable prices...

To view my shop click on the photo or here

I will be adding more art soon...

More Holmes.

Holmes has been playing on my computer since I discovered them, I just found a link I thought I could share, download The Strangest Calm here

You can also play songs from their album here.

P.S. Is their album cover art super awesome or is it just me?

Update: Cover artwork by: Anna Emilia. A definite must see!


Coming soon to an Etsy store near you.

Have I told you lately...that I loathe you.

It's the album cover title not mine.

I have just discovered Holmes and I fell head first.

Their music makes me long for those long cozy chilly winter nights.

Just in time.

<a href="http://holmes.haleri.se/album/have-i-told-you-lately-that-i-loathe-you">Have I Told You Lately That I Loathe You by Holmes</a>

P.S. If you loved this, click on the little arrow tab to hear more songs from their album.


Another fish.

My first attempt to drypoint etching on copper technique...

Here's my "getting better" process:


Deathly hallows.

When it comes to harry potter I'm a real geek,
I can hardly wait to watch this...


On a side note: When I take the train down to s.f., there's this homeless guy roaming around at the station, and he seriously could be Voldemort's twin...only with added shine (creepy).


Tim's fish.

Meet Tim's fish.

A sign I recreated of a missing fish, for school a couple of years ago.

Free falling.

I'm not big on John Mayer, I think his music is too sappy for me, but I'm loving his voice singing Tom Petty's masterpiece...


Cotton head.

This is my third linocut but, my very first 3 color print.