Where in the world is Osama bin hiding?

This is a clip from the documentary, Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden, filmed and directed by Morgan Spurlock, the same guy who directed Supersize me.

I believe everyone must watch this, no bias no nothing...it shows you what people on the streets (in the Middle East) think of all the mess that's been going around in the world, started by Osama.

P.S. I think it is such a pity that the name Osama has been berated. It is such a beautiful name, and my brother's name is Osama.


Odeh A. Amarin said...

Lama... I wanna watch the whole thing now!

Ally A said...

This movie is really interesting and thought provoking.. I think everyone should watch it!

Valentina Capellino said...

When I'll find it I'll watch it for sure!

Lama said...

It really is an eye-opener, a definite must see for all!