Pardon, pardon.

One of the songs that's currently on my playlist (and has been for a while now) is Imm el Jacket, by Mashrou' Leila (again).



Happy Monday night / Tuesday morning!


Words I have always believed in.

Translation: Do not ask for goodness from starved then satiated souls; because the scarcity in them remains... But ask for goodness from satiated then starved souls; because the good in them remains.


That same excerpt.

A film strip for letterpress that I used to create the polymer plate to make this book.


Looking sideways.

One day, I was too enthusiastic about my multitasking abilities, then life hit me hard in the head (again) and my attempts proved to have drastically failed.

This was a cover illustration I did for The Sketchbook Project, which was never submitted.




***Quote by unknown***

P.S. This handset type took around an hour to be ready for print

A giraffe. Maybe?


One more quote.

Translation: Never have I wished to weep, but the burdens of my time made
me weep. I have wished to live as my self desired, but my self lived as my time desired.

Where have I been lately?

Hanging-out with my man Mario collecting coins, on Haight Street...


Chicken nuggets.

Ever feel too lazy to do anything? That's how I've been feeling like for the past, umm... 2/3 weeks?

Meanwhile, here's a video of my niece Aisha when she was younger...