Words I have always believed in.

Translation: Do not ask for goodness from starved then satiated souls; because the scarcity in them remains... But ask for goodness from satiated then starved souls; because the good in them remains.


watfa hamidaddin said...


Lama Khayyat said...

Thanks! I just viewed your blog and I completely love your book and work.

BubbleGumBeast said...

LAMA! Bisharafek don't come back to Jordan! Although it may bring me eternal heartache and sadness but you're creativity is shining in San Fran! That mermaid sketch is AMAZING unbelievably gorgeous! And I love love love this quote you finally posted a quote I could relate to as both myself and afaf. Miss u lots lady friend please come back soon (schizo I swear)

Ps. I'm including u in an upcoming post so check out my uber successful blog if it's not down from overcrowding xxxxx

Lama Khayyat said...

Rarib, don't push me or I swear you'll never get to see my face again, I'm so tempted to finding a job and staying here.

I knew you'll be able to relate to this quote, I was honestly thinking of you while working on it.

Tell afaf to go away, I hate her.

Check my comment on your post (I finally got to view your blog, it has been out for almost all day today! How do you get that much traffic? You're even worse than Jay-Z!!

Abrar said...

Big like!

Lama Khayyat said...

Thanks Abrar!