Finding little illustrations every time I go through an old notebook never gets old.

That was done sometime in my high school days...


Come Alive.

Just recently found out that I'm distantly related to this guy,
(mom's side of the family).

How awesome is that huh?

Here's another favorite.

Another project.

Something else to add to the 298732987434 projects I have in mind (that I need to start on, but thanks to procrastination still haven't!). Will be telling you more when it comes alive...


Cab wisdom.

And then...awkward silence filled the cab.



Jelly Bellies.

This video is delicious (as Miss Potter used to say).

Made with  288,000 Jelly Beans, No green screen, and one Kina Grannis, this video can't be missed. Just watch.

And the making of...



She always wears a *thob , works hard to make a living for her family of five, and makes some really good food. Meet Salwa.

*Thob is the traditional Palestinian dress for women which is usually embroidered with colorful patterns; each pattern representing a village.

Copy reads: I'll put you on my head (literally), but it actually means: I'll take good care of you. That's the magic of words.

P.S. You could purchase this painting from the Pinkdust boutique in Amman.

An Excerpt from the Prophet.


Work in Progress.

My friend Zina and I are working on a little project... All I can say for now is that it involves screen printing... Will reveal more later...

And to all the people celebrating Eid this year...  Happy Eid :)