Yislamoo online store.

Yislamoo just got their own online store. That's where you can grab your own little piece of me. Just go here.



Never been more excited about Eid, this holiday came just in time. Happy Eid my dear readers.


OC Magazine interview.

I was interviewed by Tala; a sweet collage girl a week ago for On Campus magazine. 

Check out my interview in next month's issue :)


Happy tune.

The long weekend is just around the corner, hang in there!


Where, what, why.

I have been guilty for not being a regular poster. Lots of things have been going on (good and bad), I've started a new job (on top of my old one) as an instructor at a university, and I've been juggling things all the time. Weekends aren't weekends, they're just another extra two days to catch up on work (but I'm not complaining). 

I did take a mini vacation in between (will post about it tomorrow). And I am planning a quick getaway to the beach sometime soon before the weather officially gets crazy.

Two projects are in the talks (So excited about them both, I'll tell you more later).

Hope you readers didn't give up on me yet (yes, anonymous commentator, I'm talking to you!), I'll be back soon (promise).



Slanted Mansion Interview.

Today was one of those days where you keep pinching yourself to believe what's going on...
I was interviewed by the talented Siobhan Frost (pronounced: Shio-Ban).

Ms Frost is the mastermind behind the awesome Slanted Mansion project, where she gets to travel around the world to meet and interview artists, and I was literally blown away after she contacted me for an interview!!

We chatted over homemade banana bread and tea, then took some shots of my newly remodeled room.

Her awesomeness was featured on Frankie magazine, Urban Outfitters, Miss Moss, and other websites...

Today was one day I will never forget. I can't wait to share the photo shoot/interview with you guys!


Holmes, new.

The Swedish band Holmes just released a new album, and you can download their new single "I Will Never Be Free" here


The look-alike.

He's always being stopped on the street and mistaken for Ghawaar himself. He secretly likes it, but pretends to be annoyed by it. He works at the local fish market, and eats his knafeh with Turkish tea everyday after lunch. Meet Muhsin.