That's my friend Mcain. How I came to that name is a family secret. Sorry :)


Dazed and confused.

That's exactly how I've been feeling on the inside lately. I'm anxious about my thesis final review, concentration levels have reached below minus, emotions kicking-in on high levels and I forget a lot {which is creeping me out, simply because I'm supposedly at an age where that should not be happening}. 

Wish me luck.


Film Fog.

A little disappointed about my first Holga film...when I went to pick it up from the store the envelope said: FILM FOG, better luck next time :).........FAIL.



This is what it looks like from my window. I'm not sure I like it.


My current theme song.

I can not wait for summer
I can not wait for June 
when all the ghost are quiet
when everything is new

Take this.

Found here.



Today was so pixelated I felt like I was in an 80's nintendo game. 


Just like that.

Woke up feeling iffy. ugh I hate school, and this phase of my life. 


Yogurt yogart yohurt yofurt.

Tiered is how I'm feeling and I cannot get back to working on anything school related. But this yogurt is so good it is worthy of a post of its own. Thanks to my good friend Odah for giving me this little tub of goodness. It tastes just like the yogurt I grew up gulping, waaaaaaay better than superstore tasteless American yogurt, sorry.

Head and Toes.

Cuteness borrowed from here.

Still shooting.

It seems like a never ending project. I hope my new shots get approved (please please).


Help Japan.

To do the least I've decided to make a poster and donate 70% of the profits to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund, to support Save the Children's responses to children's ongoing urgent needs...phew! 

To read more about Save the Children go here.

And here to purchase the poster, an edition of 20 letterpress original.

***Poster copy is an excerpt from John Lennon's IMAGINE song***