More beauty.

I couldn't not post more from our Academy of Sciences visit.

Those are some of the "Things" you'd find in a shark's belly...
Pocahontas and Ariel are among them!

Things I've learned.


Rain, rain, rain.

This is an experimental illustration using ink and pencil.


Oh the beauty.

Today was one of those days were you just pack yourself in the car and drive, we ended up at the Academy of Sciences where we were struck with God's magnificent creatures...

Diver George came down to say hi...

Lasagna + Spaghetti = Laspaghetti.

Yesterday I was planning on making lasagna until I discovered that we were *almost* out of lasagna, but I knew we had plenty of spaghetti, so I improvised my way into making the love-child of Mr. Lasagna and Mrs Spaghetti:

and it was perfect
(my brother and sister's words -- promise :)


Lama meets a Llama.

We were walking to the beach when we ran into a Llama...
That's when I decided to stop and say Hi, and got spat at in return!

Fact: Llamas spit only when they are mistreated,
or extremely annoyed. They will generally only spit
at each other to form a hierarchy...

Does that mean she knew my name?



Julie and Julia trailer.

I'm not sleepy and in the mood to watch this movie...

Love love looooove the last part of the trailer!
People who let you down shouldn't be taken seriously, seriously!


There is a place. Like no place on Earth.

A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!

Some say to survive it:
You need to be as mad as a hatter.

Which luckily I am


The Prophet: On Love.

When you love you should not say,

“God is in my heart.

But rather,

“I am in the heart of God.


The view.

This is what I have been going to for two days in a row...


Little sis.

Very proud of her and impressed by the little artist that was hiding all these years...

Who knew.