Balloons, wigs, and mustaches.

Two years ago, the gals at The Studio opened up their own art space for other artists, yesterday we celebrated their 2nd year anniversary, it was one heck of an event. 

I'll let the photos do the talking after the jump...


The Studio carnival event.

Tonight was kick-ass. Will post about it tomorrow.


The Studio photobooth.

I will be holding a photobooth at The Studio tomorrow for their two year anniversary, here are more details about the event.

Come play!

Pssst... Theme involves wigs, glasses, and plenty of glitter.


Love Lost.

Currently obsessed with this band.

Awesome video I might add, reminds me of middle-school gym class!


Some say she was the rebound girl.

Sindbad the sailor.

A Sailor from Basrah, that goes on fantastic adventures through magical places and voyages throughout the seas East of Africa and South of Asia, encountering supernatural phenomena and meeting monsters along the way. Meet Sindbad, and his parrot Yasmina.

This painting, as well as this, this and this, are available for purchase at the PinkDust boutique.


Still working on remodeling my bedroom, but here's a sneak peek on what my ceiling looks like now.

I'll tell you about the nightmare that happened while the painter was still working on it later. Not good.