Free Download.

Remember this song? Well, now you can download it for free here.

عمي أبو مسعود عيونه كبار و سود

Forgive my Mashrou' Leila fever, I know I've posted too many songs already. But here's another...


Al Qaeda means bee-hind.

 According to "Tok Tok", Al Qaeda takes on a whole new meaning. Literally.

(And I like this one much better)

***Tok Tok is an Arab illustrator's best friend. Issued in Egypt. Wish I can have a physical copy of it.***


Pinkdust Collaboration.

The Ka3k el 3eed event at Pinkdust last night was awesome...
Filled with home-made ka3ek, Arabian coffee, family, and friends... 

That's my dear friend Isra'...

The wall of my pride and joy...

Aseel (aka Aseelo) my sweet cousin, and heba (aka Hebzi) my lovely little sister with my wall mural...

The super-nice, super-sweet Pinkdust girls Salwa, Sima, and Tala...

with Muhannad...

Lumani bracelets for a good cause that I had to get...

My childhood friend Tala who I finally got to see after 8 years...

Last night was a highlight in my life, it's a beginning to something I've always believed in and much adored. I was surprized by the positive reaction I got from the  public. Thankyousomuch to the Pinkdust girls Salwa, Sima, and Tala. You girls rule!


A Peek.

Mr. Jameel (aka Jimmy) was in great spirits for the Eid celebration, on the wall of Pinkdust

ps If you're in Amman drop by the Pinkdust boutique in Abdoun from 3-7:00 to check out their new collection of apparel / art / accessories from the Arab world. (For map go here)

Will reveal more tomorrow after the event. Stay tuned.



I will be working on a mural at the delightful Pinkdust boutique tomorrow. I am psyched and can't wait to start splashing paint all over their wall. If you're in town it would be lovely if you could pass-by and say hi.



This linocut never made it on paper (well, it did once until someone stole it).
Now if only I can get my lazy bum to reprint it again...



Where Do We Go Now?

I watched Nadine Labake's "هلأ لا وين" movie last night...

Two words: Heartbreakingly funny.

Custom Work for :: Rich ::

***Painting Reads: Peace for all***



I'm bored..............

Old Cuties.

Just watch...

My Fortune this Morning.

   It reads:
" Your talents will prove to be especially useful this week."

   I say "we'll see how that goes..."


Tatjiana, Dim Dim.

This song gives me flashbacks of me riding my bike near the bay. Good times.

My Fortune Today.

It reads:

" Approach someone new. You may be surprised by the warm reception you receive."

Football Chants.

This looks like my kind of book. I really want to lay my hands on it.

***Book by Mark Long***


Rob Ryan.

This guy is one of the biggest inspirations and influences in my world. One day I'm going to own an original Rob Ryan.

Handmade Portraits: Rob Ryan from Etsy on Vimeo.


Fasateen = Dresses.

It Started with a Blue Whale Skull.

Me and the Lydia girl headed out to Half Moon Bay to spend our afternoon. It was raining but we made sure to stick to our original plan and head to the beach. After that we had some clam chowder soup to warm us up, and on our way back we stopped by a pumpkin patch. I got me a little white pumpkin that I'll be carving this week...



This photo makes me smile. Every time.

***Those cuties are my brothers Rami and Osama***

Jerky behavior.

Some people are clueless when it comes to dealing with other "humans" or let me say people from the same species. And it's unfortunate when others have to deal with that. 


Kermalkom Feature.

I was surprized this morning when I first woke up to an email sent from my dad that linked to an interview with Kermalkom in the Amman Street Art Fair. Thanks dad, you made my day :)