This photo makes me smile. Every time.

***Those cuties are my brothers Rami and Osama***


BubbleGumBeast said...

omg the younger one looks IDENTICAL to you lol. too cute of a pic! hey i have a favor to ask of you but only if u can. if ur at the shops or duty free or whatever and u spot a daisy or lola rollerball like the one u have can u get me it so i can surprise my madres?? i can paypal u the $$ or give u it when u get here? if not its totally fine and hurry the f up plz im bored xxxx

Lama Khayyat said...

Does he really? People still say we look alike, I can never see the resemblance though!

Yeah sure I'll pass by sephora and grab one for you, it's okay you'll pay me when you see me, no need for paypal yo!

See you monday! (sad/happy/confused/don't know how I feel about it)

BubbleGumBeast said...

HABEEBTI!! *stunning secretary voice*

"I'll pass by sephora" that's just cruel, it's like saying im gonna go grab a subway to someone whos had their jaw shut. but its ok ill be strong.

Monday can't be here soon enough!! u should be happy/excited and glad that you can go back and forth to SF with your new american passport. the same passport Britney Spears has. JEA-LOUS!! so yea no sympathy for u here.

If you don't hurry up and get here monday I shall start using ur drawing tablet as a chopping board and draw mustaches on your pictures.

ps. your mobile site's comment system doesnt work i sent this exact comment like 40 times.

thats all. okthnxbye

pss. clam chowder? YUM!!

psss. i just remembered!! you should be excited/happy/able to sleep knowing this weekend im performing cpr on my blog and bringing it back to life yayyyy

nada said...