Kermalkom Feature.

I was surprized this morning when I first woke up to an email sent from my dad that linked to an interview with Kermalkom in the Amman Street Art Fair. Thanks dad, you made my day :)


BubbleGumBeast said...

Well I just hope you're happy.

Biking yourself around in your converse, eating what appears to be the britney spears of burgers, swinging around a park with your friends, getting yourself featured in magazine and most importantly, walking around a country with an official apple store. and there i am, in the place where time stands still and 6 o'clock feels years away but when its there its just like christmas.

until of course its 11 pm all of a sudden and i have to go to bed and start all over again. basically we miss you, and if its not much trouble, could u try and bring me back one of those american passport thingies? okthnxbye xxx

Lama Khayyat said...

hahaha omg you crack me up gum beast (if I can call you by your official blogger name).

I am having fun so much fun in this city I wish I can sparkle some of it on you.

Now you know why you should be nice to me, right? You miss me and life is boring without me!!!

see you soon :))

ps I need to see more posts from you, c'mon the blog world needs the gum beast. GUM BEAST GUM BEAST GUM BEAST GUUUM BEEEEAAASSSTTT!!!!!