I'm currently working on a 30-something page book for experimental typography class and my topic is about the dreams that I get...this one was a nightmare...
***Since S.F. is known for it's nightmarish earthquakes...I think my darkest fears have found their match***

Chain Theif.

Last night while my brother and I were enjoying a walk at night, we found this on one of the poles...



Happy Eid and Happy Thanksgiving.

***Hope you get to spend these special times with your family and loved ones.***

I heart big dogs and babies.

Couldn't help but post this cuteness.


Never give up.

“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow.”

I learned that life does give second chances, after you give yourself one.

Fishy smell.

For last semester's type class book cover, I had to improvise my own "hypothetical" wilderness fish cooking...so I grabbed a piece of salmon, got a huge rock from outside, a bunch of leaves and Taa Daa...

One problem though, I felt bad throwing the fish after that, so I cleaned it, put it in the oven, gulped it down an hour later and ughhh, got sick for a couple of days.

Lesson learned!


Happiness only real when shared.

You never know your blessings until you lose them.

***I miss my family it hurts***



She gives me the creeps. She even shows up in my dreams.

***And she shall remain anonymous***