Where, what, why.

I have been guilty for not being a regular poster. Lots of things have been going on (good and bad), I've started a new job (on top of my old one) as an instructor at a university, and I've been juggling things all the time. Weekends aren't weekends, they're just another extra two days to catch up on work (but I'm not complaining). 

I did take a mini vacation in between (will post about it tomorrow). And I am planning a quick getaway to the beach sometime soon before the weather officially gets crazy.

Two projects are in the talks (So excited about them both, I'll tell you more later).

Hope you readers didn't give up on me yet (yes, anonymous commentator, I'm talking to you!), I'll be back soon (promise).



Anonymous said...

Oh my god! No, I sure did not! It's just that I thought I'd give you a break from my lousy comments (especially after that freakishly long one), but I never quit checking the blog every single day. Honestly, I didn't even expect you to notice the absence. So, I'm super flattered (#^.^#)

I hardly kept my self from commenting on the previous post (which was extraordinary news, so, congrats!), but this one -- nah -- irresistible :)

It's always good to hear you're doing well and a joy to see your latest work. Keep it up, mademoiselle!

Lama Khayyat said...

You are almost the only commentator on my blog (which makes me feel like someone does actually care to read and comment on my posts!)... so don't think that that might annoy me (and if it really did then this blog wouldn't exist in the first place).

And thanks! The interview was awesome, I can hardly wait for it to be out :)

Anonymous said...

"... someone does actually care to read and comment on my posts!"