BubbleGumBeast said...

Look at you!! standing on tables, whilst i bang my head on a table.

You seem to be all sorts of joyous writing little cheese jokes and jumping around to indie bands.

Basically, STOP IT!!! yalla khalseeni get back here so we can have one last day of working together.


Lama Khayyat said...

haha "Mish HABEEBTI".

Soon you'll be gone and I'll be the one banging my head on a table!!! I'm not sure when I'll be back honestly...not soon I hope!! But even if I didn't make it to your last day, we'll still go out for sushi fo-sho.

BubbleGumBeast said...

hahahahahhaahah omg i can just sense the excitement in your tone :p yea fo sho we shall go and ruin them with our sushi devouring abilities.

one a less envious note, please listen to this song .