The Swell fellow has finally arrived.

Finally! I've been wanting to photo shoot this for so long I just got it done this morning. I still have to upload pages from my catalog though.

*Brief on project: This project was about creating a hypothetical film festival for our chosen director, I chose Mr. Frank Capra, a 1930s-1940s film director, most famous for his Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful life. For the festival we created the branding: Logo, Stationary, Color Palette, Photography/Illustration style, Language and typefaces. Then the event tickets, movie poster, catalog, schedule, I also did a trailer (extra points!) and other items (the list goes on to 16 items total) AND all those had to be prototyped and fit in a single box, container, whatever related to the director and his style, and supposedly should be a limited run, so not any container would do the trick. phew!

***That big black wooden box was a real pain to paint, I had originally bought it from a thrift store, peeled off the layers and layers of paper and glue, scrubbed, dried, painted it then glued in the graphic lining...I grew muscle after that!***

***All Illustrations used are borrowed from the J.C.Leyendecker book***

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