I've been contemplating a lot lately, mostly about where the world is at, 
and the way people have become.

It's depressing to see how materialism, consumption, and selfishness is 
taking over humanity, most people don't seem to care anymore.

Two incidents that have enforced this concern on me this week, first 
was arriving at the train station, delayed trains and upset faces, turns out 
a man had jumped in front of a train, passing immediately. No one seemed 
to be affected by this unfortunate setback, but instead huffing and 
puffing for their delayed plans.

The second happened today while I was on the school bus, a girl was 
describing her anger and frustration over the fact that, her wealthy 
grandfather - who she described as being in his late nineties / in perfect 
health - being still alive!!! She said it not once, not twice, but over five 
times, how much she wished her grandfather would pass, so that she can 
inherit "part" of his fortune, which she said can come around a billion dollars. 

I felt nauseous.

I can't describe how disgusted and repulsed I am from this girl.
She is an animal, worse, animals have feelings, she doesn't.

I know there's a lot of goodness in this world still, and this post might 
sound too pessimistic, but I feel sad for what some people have become.

This is a mourning of humanity.

Quote translation: Do not blame the times, for it is beautiful, your greed is what corrupted it.

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Denisa Trenkle said...

That really is sad. Both about the train, but especially about the girl, since that was her won grandfather. Not all of us are lucky enough to even have grandparents! I hope your weekend will restore your faith in humanity, it's not always that bad :)

Lama said...

Yeah that girl was a nightmare, her parents did a great job raising a monster!

Thanks Deniska, I'll get over it (soon I hope), there's still plenty of goodness in this world.