New thesis.

I have had a big thesis rejection from our graphic design Executive Director. The new look is still work in progress. I will be posting a link to the new blog for my thesis soon. Meanwhile, all I can say is:



Nour said...

Shucks :( What was their argument?

View my complete profile said...

omg she HATED everything, she even made me change the name of my thesis...which meant that I had to come up with a new logo, change the illustrations (remove all the backgrounds-since they looked too muddy for her taste) and I also changed the typefaces used.

But I would be honest about the whole crap phase I'm going through and say that it does look so much better! oh well...shit happens.

Nour said...

Wow! I would cry. I'm sure you came u with great work. Can't wait to see it!

View my complete profile said...

Thanks :)

W!ell I did cry, lots and lots of melt downs!