I always camp out at type websites like Veer or fontshop, I guess it's just one of things I enjoy doing in my free time. Today I came across this: Another good reason font sites are cool.


Anonymous said...

I would look at the Veer logo all day long, let alone the fonts they offer!

Good typefaces create this weird urge in you to go ahead and play around with them and maybe make something cool. This video reminds me of that feeling. I'm off to Photoshop ;)

Lama Khayyat said...

oh yes I agree, I guess it's a graphic designer's toy, or virtual toy in this case.

If I had a million dollars I know exactly what to do with them ;)

Anonymous said...

I guess that would be buying all the pricey (but incredibly gorgeous) fonts that you've always wanted to get but couldn't. Plus some clothes, perhaps.

Lama Khayyat said...

Yes of course, I can't deny my love for clothes (and type!)