On the sunny side.

Hope you're having a wonderful time in the sun... If you're stuck indoors, well... you know you do have a very good excuse to escape the office (even if only for a tad bit).


Anonymous said...

"He had always considered himself a winter-ish kinda' guy. Yet, this year, for some wacky reason, a little piece inside him secretly wished for the warm weather to stay and hated when the cold winds began to blow. He dismissed it as some whim that was soon to dissolve. Little did he expect that that same piece would soon rejoice when, after a few relentless freezing days, a series of sunny ones would follow. He wondered if he had started to lose his mind. Well, he need not any further proof than this piece he has just written."

I'm really liking writing about myself in the third-person. Hope it's not as boring to read!

Lama Khayyat said...

Nope not at all, I even think you should write a book... Or are you a writer?

Anonymous said...

Oh, absolutely not! I wish I were. That's definitely on my want-to-be list - if only that list weren't endless!