My Thursday night date.

Thursday nights are usually low key to me, but tonight I spent it with this little man... let's call him mister K for now (if you have any name suggestions, please shoot them my way!).

My sister calls me up at around 5pm today asking if I'd be willing to take care of a little kitty she found abandoned in our garage, I asked her to send me a photo... minutes later I get a photo of a kitten with alien-like eyes (shut-eyed and popping out from its head kind of alien eyes). I kind of freak out but take up the challenge, afteral if we were to leave the poor thing out all night it might not survive.

First thing I did after getting home was run downstairs to where mister K was, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with his eyes; even if he was too young to open his eyes, they wouldn't be swollen the way they were, so I called up a vet friend and asked him what to do, he told me to wipe his eyes with warm water and see if any puss comes out, then prescribed some eyedrops... I did just that, and after a few minutes I couldn't believe all the puss that came from tiny mister K's eyes, I was mortified/relieved/worried, I then put some eyedrops in and an hour later it was like magic, mister K is running around curiously (his eyes are still tear-filled but nowhere near what they looked like when I first saw him). 

Even though it's been less than six hours since I met mister K, but that one stole my heart, I think he's a keeper!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend my dear readers.



Anonymous said...

Well, I have to admit you had a much more interesting (and giving) Thursday than I had.

As to our new little fellow, I came up with two lame names, so I'm telling you upfront to stick with "Mr. K". I'll only throw them out there for a bit of fun :)
The first is "Puss-eye". I know it's mean, but I like how it rhymes with buckeye - if only he were Ohioan, then it would be a bull's eye (too many eye's round here, huh?)
The second is "FONES", since he was a "First Of November Evening Survivor".

It took my head a while to pose these two, but, anyway, there you have it!

Lama Khayyat said...

haha I like your second option, it sounds artistic...

I ended up naming him Murad after a kid I knew once :)

Hope you have a kick-ass week!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess the best names are the most special to us.

And, thanks - except I'm afraid mine is the one being kicked!