The night of the Portrait.

Last Friday was The Studio's "Portrait" exhibit... I just love that place, it feels like I'm back in highschool again every time I'm there (in a good way).

If you're in the city (amman) go and check it out, it'll be up for another week.

With my sweet Jumanji and Zeina

Can't remember who's painting this was, or the one below (oops)

One of my fav, by Mothanna Husseini

And a detail from Sandra Dajani's painting...

P.S. One person who would have been the first in line to support me is my dear Isra', but she's out there somewhere doing something that makes me really proud of her instead... Good luck with your journey isgha2o xx


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing some of your special moments!

Lama Khayyat said...

Umm, yeah... sure thing :)

Lama Khayyat said...
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